Anima is the next-generation care enablement platform that gives teams like yours everything you need to co-ordinate and deliver care to your patients - all in one place.

We’ve helped all manner of organisations get started, from individual practices who are new to online consultation, to multi-site networks who need to manage, share and control workload in real-time across hundreds of staff and thousands of patients.

Everything you need in one platform

Including online & video consultations, MDT and team hubs, patient communication tools including batch messaging

Only solution built for system-wide total triage

Supporting new priorities for extended access and neighbourhood teams using our eHub workflows and MDT Hub.

Rapid development plus wraparound support

Users drive our development and we have a demonstrated track record for rapid turnaround for new features.

Hear straight from our practices

I've said again and again how impressed I’ve been with the team - your responsiveness and your receptiveness to our feedback. You’ve changed things that have really helped us so far.

PCN Clinical Director, West Midlands
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For me, it was a no-brainer.

GP Partner & ICS Board Member, Kent
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Love the fact that we can cap the number of online requests for each staff member on each day!

Practice Manager, Oxford
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Your customer support has been outstanding

PCN CD, Birmingham
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Technically it's gone really well - credit to you for providing such a first-rate piece of software and for how seamlessly its worked.

PCN Operations Manager, West Midlands
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What makes Anima different?

Anima goes beyond online consultation and triage - Anima is the next generation care enablement platform, built from the ground up for system working.

Something missing? We pride ourselves on our response to feedback, and release over 20 new features each week. If there’s something you’d like to see us build, let us know.

Information-complete histories

For every patient request, Anima gathers a comprehensive, information-complete history tailored to that patient's presentation. Questionnaires are highly contextual, linked to clinical guidelines, and cover the key negatives and red flags that you would expect to cover in a consultation.

Powerful integrations across the patient journey

When we say integrated, we mean it - for every patient request, Anima will automatically generate the patient communications, coded clinical notes, and any requested letters in one click. You have full control over the generated content, and can save everything to EMIS or SystmOne in a single click. Notes are saved in-line to the patient record, along with any attachments like photographs or chat history.

Our additional integrations with GP Connect mean you can directly view the patient's record in Anima, plus manage and book appointments. Anima is also integrated with the Personal Demographics Service for patient verification, and the Directory of Services for signposting; we're building new integrations all the time.

System-wide working at scale with eHubs and MDT

Anima goes further than a shared inbox: any configuration of teams and organisations across primary, secondary and community care can use Anima to manage and collaborate on patient cases - giving you the flexibility over what is saved to the patient's record, and all while remaining lightning fast and secure.

Supercharge your team with productivity tools and automations

Anima automatically generates all the patient communications, clinical notes, admin requests, and paperwork that you deal with every day. We’ll give you the foundations that you can build on, edit, or completely rewrite - so you’re always in control.

Unprecedented customisation and control

From patient request limits and access times, to individual working hours and assignment limits, to request-by-request availability, Anima offers the most customisations of any platform, allowing you to ensure it truly meets the needs of your team. No two teams are the same - so why should your tools be?

Integrated patient communications

Contact one or thousands of patients through email and SMS, with no additional platforms or software required. Directly search patient’s records for their contact details or even upload a list of patients directly from your EHR, attach files, or invite patients to book their next appointment. Messaging templates are built-in, and you can add as many of your own as you want.

In-built analytics

The ultimate tool for data-driven decision-making, Anima Analytics puts the power of data at your fingertips.

With our natural language query builder, you can explore metrics & insights across your practice, PCN, federation or ICS. Easily construct any BI or analytics query you can think of and get results within seconds - without needing a whole team of analysts.

Gold-standard data, security and IG

We have undergone rigorous assurance with NHS Digital and the other public bodies that we work with, and continue to work closely with them to adhere to the highest standards of data protection, security, information governance and clinical safety.

NHS Digital-approved API integrations

Compliant with: GDPR, NHS DSPT, DTAC, DCB0129

Regular penetration testing to CHECK standards

Data is held in the UK, encrypted in transit and at rest

Get started today

Anima is built to support any team's workflow, from supporting individual practices getting started with online consultation, to supporting network-wide working across a whole ICS.