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"the most advanced GP consultation platform around"

What practices and patients are saying:

GP partner, Nottingham

I've never seen anything as good as Anima.

GP partner, Suffolk

A world of improvement on what we're currently using.

PPG feedback, Oxfordshire

The mobile version was perfect.

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Paperwork made easy

MED3s, referral letters, patient communications and more automatically generated

Seamless integration with your EHR

Fully integrated with EMIS and SystmOne and approved by NHS Digital

Everything you need to handle any patient request

Triage that actually saves you time: Anima collects an information-complete history for every patient request

Effortlessly reach QOF targets

Clinical notes automatically generated and coded for every patient request

Start using Anima now - for free

GPs and GP practices can use Anima right away - for free!

If you're an individual GP,  you can start using Anima yourself now and invite your colleagues & patients later. All you need to get started is your NHS email address.

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Get the information you need quicker than ever - Anima's information complete histories help you take the right action quickly

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Comprehensive reports for every patient request

Auto-generated reports with all the information you need to make a decision - no more free text PDFs or endless follow-ups

Message patients instantly 

Contact patients with powerful email and SMS integrations - ask questions, send advice, or request they complete an Anima review

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One-click coded save to record

Save everything to the patient's record, and add attachments and notes in a single click - with all clinical codes automatically added for you

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Anima is the fastest way to get the right care from your GP: never repeat your story again

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