Next-generation care enablement

Combining online consultation with productivity tools and built with system-wide working at its core, Anima brings everything a care team needs into a single platform.

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We’ve helped healthcare teams transform the care they provide for hundreds of thousands of patients.

What an amazing upgrade... this is a huge burden off anyone needing doctors' assistance. Well done!

Patient feedback, Essex

I've never seen anything as good as Anima.

GP Partner, Nottingham

A world of improvement on what we’re currently using.

GP Partner, Suffolk

Your customer support has been outstanding.

PCN CD, Birmingham

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I’m a healthcare professional

Built by doctors, Anima is the one platform you need to manage patient care.

I’m a patient

Anima allows you to get the care you need: whatever you need, wherever you are.


Patient management like never before

Anima brings together everything you need not just to handle online consultations, but to supercharge your team.

Built for system-wide working

A single source of patient truth where teams across any part of the system can seamlessly collaborate.

Powerful integrations

Deep EHR integrations to save coded clinical notes in-line to EMIS and SystmOne. Integrations with GP Connect, DoS and PDS go even further.

Complete histories for any patient presentation

With all red flags and key negatives, plus all clinical notes, codes and patient communications automatically generated and saved to record.

Productivity tools to supercharge your team

Save time and money with Anima's automations & productivity tools: request limits, live capacity, auto-assignments, notes and letter automation, and more.

Real-time communication

Anima's MDT Hub allows teams to discuss and collaborate on patient cases with any authenticated user.

Customisations and control

Powerful admin views allow you to plan and orchestrate your workflow across entire networks.

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Explore how Anima can help you get what you need from your GP practice quickly and safely.

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