Wednesday, 24 January 2024

Anima's Document Processing: empowering teams to process and action documents in half the time

Anima's Document Processing: empowering teams to process and action documents in half the time

Learn how Anima can help with document management with automations and smart workflows - saving you time and money from day 1.

Crawling through thousands of documents each week, coding them accurately, and deciding on next steps is no small task. Layer on challenges with staff turnover, fatigue from repetition, and clinicians having to step in, there’s no wonder it’s so hard to achieve inbox zero.

But no fear - this is where Anima can help. Anima is a next-generation care enablement platform, currently serving over 200 clinics and 2 million patients across England. We’re releasing our brand new document module to empower your team to make processing your incoming documents a breeze - making it faster, more accurate, and bringing uniformity to your workflow.

What are the key features of Anima Document Processing?

Here are some of the key features of Anima to transform your document processing workflow and see you managing your documents in 50% of the time that it takes today.

Note: This is just a small selection of what Anima can do, so book in a demo here if you’d like a full tour!‍

1) Document Summarisation and Patient Matching

Anima can read any document and provide a short summary to understand the content and potential next steps. Anima is also connects directly to the patient record, and automatically links the document to with the right patient. No more scouring your EMIS or SystmOne to find the right match!

2) Automated Clinical coding and Task Suggestions

Based on the content of the document, Annie provides a list of suggested clinical codes to correctly classify the procedures, findings, and current situation. We’ll be adding QOF codes to these suggestions in the next couple of weeks, so you can be sure that you’re accounting for all the funding that you’re entitled to!

Annie also provides a list of suggested tasks to take action on the document (whether that’s assigning a prescription, booking an appointment, or signposting the patient to a suitable local service).

View suggested codes and add them straight into the patient's record.

3) Assign and Action Tasks Instantly

Assign tasks directly to an individual, whether that’s medical tasks for clinicians or non-medical tasks for administrators.  

See actions related to a document, and action them straight away

4) Coming soon: Workflow Automations

Ever had a stack of documents that all needed to be dealt with in the same way - leaving you with hundreds or even thousands of the same task to get through? With Anima, you’ll be able to create automated workflows that test the documents for certain conditions and action them based on these results. For example, for documents containing blood test results, you can set up an automated workflow to have Annie check for abnormal lipid levels and if the condition is true, take a specific action (e.g. SMS and email the patient to book an appointment).

Why choose Anima to manage your documents?

If you’re considering a few options for how to better manage your documents, here’s some reasons to consider choosing Anima.

1) Gold Standard Data Security

Patient and clinic data security is of utmost importance in everything we do.

We have undergone rigorous assurance with NHS Digital and the other public bodies that we work with, and continue to work closely with them to adhere to the highest standards of data protection, security, information governance and clinical safety. We use NHS Digital-approved API integrations, are compliant with all the standards that you would expect (including GDPR, NHS DSPT, DTAC, DCB0129), and all data is held in the UK where its encrypted in transit and at rest.

2) Saving Clinician and Administrative Time - and Costs

Manual document processing can take staff 10 mins or more per document - when you think every single page has to be uploaded, read, coded, and actioned. Other document processing software doesn’t achieve the levels of automation that Anima does, leaving teams with manual work left to pick up. Not all AI is made equal!

Anima can cut this processing time by more than half through automatic patient matching, AI summarisation, code suggestions, and task automation - among others! There’s also no need to outsource to other teams to do this work, still leaving you with a bill to pay  - simply keep everything in one single central dashboard for Annie to work through, and for your team to approve.

3) Bring Uniformity to Your Coding Process

With thousands of documents to deal with a week, it’s easy to see how teams can become fatigued and human error can start to creep in - you might have seen things missed in your coding, or patients not called back in for a review when they should have done. With Anima, Annie automatically scans the uploaded documents to find or suggest the most relevant codes, saving minutes per document when it comes to tagging and ensuring accurate coding.

4) Prevent Backlogs

With small coding and secretary teams, it can be hard to make sure you’ve got cover to deal with documents when someone is out of the office or leaves the team. By reducing the time needed to process and action a document, Anima ensures that this does not have an impact on patient outcomes. The stress of missing an experienced coder is a thing of the past thanks to Annie!

5) Streamline Document Storage

With our document processing, document storage becomes a streamlined process. All documents are stored securely in Anima and can easily be saved to your EHR (SystmOne or EMIS) with a click of a button.  Effortlessly organise your documents all-in-one place, ensuring quick and easy access when needed.

6) Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) Points

By processing documents with Anima, you can ensure that your GP practice doesn’t leave QOF points on the table - much like how we do with our online consultation module.

Our automated coding makes sure that we pick up all the codes that you need - and Annie is eagle-eyed, so she can’t miss anything! We constantly refresh the list of codes that Annie works with, and you can even adjust the sensitivity of the coding to ensure that you only add the codes that you want to.

Try Anima Document Processing Today

Adding Annie to your document processing team is a game-changer for individual practices, right the way up to whole systems. With its enterprise-grade AI and automations, we can help you improve administrative productivity, reduce burnout, and most importantly, improve patient outcomes.

Why not give it a try today? The Anima team are on hand to get you started with Anima for the first time, or get you up to speed with document processing if you're an existing Anima user. We can help you set up with some of your own documents to test, and show you how other teams are using Anima to process documents and supercharge their coding teams.

Chat with the team today and we'll give you a crash course in using document processing for your practice - book in some time with us here.