Thursday, 2 May 2024

Anima Scribe: Save 1 clinical hour every day and give patients your undivided attention

Anima Scribe: Save 1 clinical hour every day and give patients your undivided attention

Typing up notes from a consultation to transfer into a patient’s record - we know it’s one of the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks that clinicians and admin teams have to manage.

While some clinicians have experimented with digital transcription services or even hired personal scribes (predominantly in the US), these solutions come with their own challenges. They can be expensive, prone to errors, and require significant time investments for training and retention, as typical scribes only work for 1 to 1.5 years.

Anima Scribe uses state-of-the-art AI to automatically transcribe your notes, saving you a clinical hours every day. Our system doesn’t just create detailed, accurate notes but also automates clinical coding and takes into account different accents and speaking styles. Best of all, no additional hardware is required – Anima Scribe seamlessly integrates with your existing equipment and saves notes directly into your EHR.

See our scribe in action on a demo by booking here - we’d love to understand your clinic’s current consultation workflow, see how we might help, and showcase potential funding routes. A small time investment with lots to gain!

What are the key features of Anima Scribe?

1) Give patients your undivided attention and get back your clinical time

Anima Scribe saves you an hour of clinical time every day, which you might use towards additional appointment capacity or to focus on other clinical tasks. We transcribe the full conversation (including those with more than 2 participants), and provide a detailed first-person summary of the call which you can save directly into your EHR.

2) Automated clinical coding and task suggestions

Based on the content of your conversation, Annie provides a list of clinical codes to correctly classify the procedures, findings, and current situation. We also add QOF codes to these suggestions, so you can be sure that you’re accounting for all the funding that you’re entitled to!

Annie also provides a list of suggested tasks to take action on the document (whether that’s assigning a prescription, booking an appointment, or signposting the patient to a suitable local service).

3) Save to record in a click

Whether you’re an EMIS or SystmOne user, save the call summary, transcript, and clinical codes to your EHR in one click.

4) No additional hardware necessary

Unlike other transcription software, you won’t need an additional headset or microphone with Anima Scribe. We use your existing equipment.

5) Suitable for all accents and speaking styles

Using state-of-the-art advances in AI, we ensure accurate transcription for different accents, pronunciations, fast talking, filler words or slang. Domain-specific terminology, including clinical codes, is also Annie’s speciality!

Why Anima?

Anima provides the most comprehensive and easy to use tool for transcription - but we go beyond merely the transcript. If you’re considering a few options, here’s some other reasons to consider choosing Anima.

1) Setup in a day - EMIS and SystmOne Integrated

Anima works seamlessly alongside your EHR and existing toolkit - no extra microphone or headset needed. If you’re looking to move away from an existing provider, our customer success team are on hand to help you make that transition.

2) Funding is available

If you reserve a demo call here, we’ll be happy to discuss the various funding routes available to your clinic.

3) Trusted by over 200 clinics and 2 million + patients

Here’s what a few of our clinics have to say about us:

"We love Anima generally. We managed 169 contacts between 2 of us on Monday. We would never have coped with that volume before and we felt so much safer due to the information already gathered."

GP Partner, Coventry and Warwickshire

"You have a special product, not just for its digital functionality but the other things primary care is lacking in. Proper demand data, true navigation, and a system wide approach to patient care."

GP, North Central London

"Anima is an incredible product. It truly feels like a harmony between the experience of primary care and the advances of modern technology. This feels like the proper future of primary care."

Project Manager, Northumbria

4) Gold standard data security

Patient and clinic data security is of utmost importance in everything we do.

We have undergone rigorous assurance with NHS Digital and the other public bodies that we work with, and continue to work closely with them to adhere to the highest standards of data protection, security, information governance and clinical safety. We use NHS Digital-approved API integrations, are compliant with all the standards that you would expect (including GDPR, NHS DSPT, DTAC, DCB0129), and all data is held in the UK where its encrypted in transit and at rest.

Try Anima Scribe Today

Adding Anima to your team is a game-changer for individual practices, right the way up to whole systems. With its enterprise-grade AI and automations, we ensure you give your full attention to patients and let us deal with the rest.

Chat with the team today and we'll give you a crash course in using Anima Scribe for your practice - reserve a spot here.