Monday, 27 February 2023

NHS login integration: a single, secure login and new way to access Anima

NHS login integration: a single, secure login and new way to access Anima

We are thrilled to announce that Anima is now fully integrated with NHS login! This integration makes accessing our Anima platform even easier and faster for patients. Patients can now use their NHS login to access Anima without having to set up a separate account - making it quicker and easier for patients to get the help they need.

What is NHS login?

NHS Login is a single, secure login that gives patients the convenience of accessing a growing number of health and care apps and websites. The service has been created by the NHS to ensure people can access the care they need with just one login, and it's become the most secure way to sign in for an increasing number of health and care services.

With over 75 health and care apps now live with NHS Login, Anima is proud to be part of this list. Patients can now use their NHS login to access Anima, eliminating the need to set up a separate account. The integration process is rigorous, with background checks performed on all suppliers to ensure the NHS login button only appears on trusted and secure platforms.

How will patients benefit from Anima’s integration with NHS login?

The benefits of using NHS login for Anima are numerous:

  • Swift and easy access: With just one login, patients can access multiple health and care websites and apps, including Anima.

  • Trusted: NHS login is created by the NHS, so patients can trust the security and reliability of the service.Highest standards of security & privacy: NHS login follows strict industry and government standards for security and identity, ensuring patients’ data is kept safe.

  • Minimal data usage: NHS login only uses necessary data, giving patients peace of mind that their information is protected.

  • Consistent experience: The NHS login button ensures a consistent user experience, making it easier for patients to access the care they need.

And there's more to come! Over the coming weeks, we will be integrating with the NHS App, so stay tuned for even more ways to

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