Telling patients at your practice about Anima

These are 3 easy ways to get the word out about Anima and encourage patients to start submitting requests. We'll work with you to implement these in a way that suits your practice during your Anima onboarding. 

If you'd prefer to be onboarded by one of the Anima team, click the link to book a personal onboarding call for your practice by choosing a slot that suits you:

Uploading our banner to your practice website

Patients will access Anima through your practice website. We recommend including a banner somewhere prominent on your website to direct patients to the Anima registration page.


During your onboarding process, we'll provide you with our banners and work with you to upload them to your practice website.


We've also included some guidance here to help you:

Illustration of patients looking at a GP practice website

Updating your practice website yourself

If you maintain and update your practice website yourself, it's usually very easy to insert an image into your website and link it to another website. We've put together this step-by-step guide for practices whose websites were created by My Surgery Website (FPM Group) to show you how to upload our banner to your homepage and link it to Anima's patient registration page. 1. From the homepage editor, click 'upload' 2. Select the banner file from your computer 3. Name the file 'Anima banner' 4. Enter '100' in the width box, and change 'px' to '%' from the dropdown menu 5. Click 'Ok' 6. Now you've uploaded the image, let's add our link. Select the image in the editor 7. Click 'insert/edit link' 8. Enter the the address to the patient portal that we gave you during your onboarding (e.g. 9. Click 'Ok' 10. Done! If you have any questions, please get in contact with the Anima team and we'll be happy to help.

Sample email to send to your website provider or editor

If someone else maintains your practice website for you, you can send them this email and attach our banner to ask them to update your website. To [Insert your website provider or editor's name], Please add the attached banner to our practice website and link it to [] This banner advertises the new digital health platform we now offer to our patients. Please place this banner near the top of our website's homepage, so it's one of the first things that patients see. If we use a carousel please add the image into the carousel. If the banner needs to be resized, please let us know: we will ask the platform provider to supply a different version. Many thanks, [Your name]

Download our banners here

To download our banners, right cick the image and select 'Save image as...'. We've provided some options so you can pick the one that suits your practice website's colour scheme the best!

Sending a mass text message to all patients

We also recommend sending a mass text message to your patients with a link to the Anima registration page to encourage them to sign up.


You may already use text messaging to send your patients updates and information; we can provide template messages to direct them to the Anima registration page, or to request that they submit a particular review.

Illustration of a patient receiving text messages from their doctor

Suggested text message templates

This generic template could be sent to your whole patient list: [Your practice name] is now using Anima to help manage patient requests. Using Anima is the fastest way to get the care you need: instead of waiting to book an appointment, submit a medical or admin request straight to the practice and we'll notify you when we've decided on next steps. Visit to sign up today. If your text messages are limited to 160 characters, this is a shorter version: You can now submit medical or admin requests to the practice using Anima, without needing an appointment. Visit to sign up. Text campaigns can also be targeted towards particular groups of patients, such as those with certain conditions, to encourage them to submit their requests through Anima - we can help you write these messages too.

Using your practice's answerphone message

We recommend using your practice's answerphone message to inform patients about Anima, and direct them to the practice website where they can click the Anima banner to sign up and submit a request straight away rather than waiting on the phone.

If you record your own answerphone messages, you might want to get someone recognisable - like your lead GP or one of your reception team - to record the message for patients.

Illustration of a person listening to their doctor's answerphone message

Suggested answerphone message

Thank you for calling [your practice name]. If you are ringing to book an appointment or speak to a GP, you can now use Anima to submit requests to the practice. You can sign up for Anima on the practice website. Anima is the fastest way to get the care you need: submit a medical or admin request by completing a short questionnaire, and you'll be notified when the practice has decided on next steps.