Total triage that saves you time

We built Anima because as clinicians, we saw that even with e-consultations, and teletriage, workload in primary care is too high. 

Anima transforms your workflow so that you can concentrate on what matters - ensuring patients get the right care at the right time.

Try a demo now in your browser with your NHS email, or start using Anima straight away - it takes just 2 minutes to set up.

Handle any patient presentation - without further information gathering

Current triage solutions don't give you the information you need to make a decision. You don't save any time because you have to follow up with patients to get this information. 


Not with Anima - Anima takes a full feature-complete history from each patient, giving you all the information you need to make a decision in an easy-to-read report with all the key negatives.

Illustration of a patient form
Illustration of doctors collaborating

Paperwork made easy

Anima automatically generates coded reports for every patient request, ready to save straight to the patient's record. We also generate the patient communications, MED3s, referral letters, and much more - so you can spend time with your patients, not on paperwork.

Stay in control of your requests

Your personal dashboard is where you can manage all your requests and see at a glance what's urgent, as well as headline symptom scores and trends over time for all your patients.

Anima lets you set limits on the number of requests patients can submit, and when they can be submitted - so you're always in control.

Illustration of risk report on a computer
Illustration of doctor completing tasks on a computer

Fully integrated and accredited

Anima is approved by NHS Digital and fully integrated with EMIS & SystmOne (TPP), so you can save everything to the patient's record - in coded format - in just a click. Anima is also GDPR, NHS DSPT and DCB0129 compliant.

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