Integrated email & SMS messaging

Stay in touch with patients through email & SMS - send requests for information, custom messages & attachments, and save everything to the patient's record.

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Integrated email and SMS

Centralised messaging, all saved to record

Follow up a patient's request, ask patient to complete an Anima request, or send a leaflet - all of this and more from one central page. Select from Anima's message templates, or compose your own custom message - and best of all, everything is automatically saved to the patient's record for you.

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Mass messaging in a few clicks

Bulk messaging made easy

Quickly send bulk messages to any group of patients by importing a patient list from your EHR. Send patients practice news, appointment reminders and updates in just a few minutes.

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Find and send attachments

Attach leaflets, letters, forms and more

Attach any file to a message using a web link, or send a document from your computer. You can even share frequently used attachments across your organisation, so your colleagues can send them too. 

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