Information-complete histories for any presentation

Anima gives you all the information you need to handle any patient request confidently.


With an information-complete history at your fingertips, there's no more need for endless follow-ups - you just decide what care the patient needs, and Anima will handle the rest.

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Fully contextual histories for any patient request

Make decisions quickly & safely 

Review and action patient requests in minutes. Anima collects the same information you would in a usual consultation, tailored to the patient's presenting complaint - meaning you get only the relevant information you need to action next steps.

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Why Anima

By clinicians, for clinicians

From our at-a-glance side panel to our sign off workflow, we know what information is useful for clinicians & their teams, because Anima is what we wished we had.

Our clinical modules are written by ex-clinicians in line with gold-standard clinical guidelines, and we're approved by NHS Digital for DCB0129 compliance.

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