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Information-complete histories for any PC

Anima takes a full history with all the key negatives for any patient request, so you can take action straight away

1-click coded save to record

Fully integrated with your EHR, Anima automatically generates, codes, and saves your notes to the patient's record

Set request limits & patient access times

Customise every aspect of your caseload, from daily patient request limits and access times, to setting your own working hours & limits

Integrated email & SMS messaging

Message patients individually or export a list from your EHR and send a bulk message - save all messages to record and even send attachments

Advanced assignment & triage

See live availability & capacity across your organisation, and automatically assign requests

Auto-generated notes & paperwork

The paperwork you need, written for you: patient communications, letters, sick notes and more

Coming soon: integrated video consultations

Schedule and host video consultations all in one. Link consultations to a specific patient request and find the best time for you and your patients with our in-built scheduling support 

Coming soon: MDT chat

Discuss and collaborate on patient requests with colleagues in and beyond your organisation. Coordinate across your PCN, CCG and ICS on patient care, all from one place.

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