The future is here - say hello to Annie

Jan 27


Introducing Annie- your new AI-powered assistant

At Anima we’ve been working away on one of our biggest, most ground-breaking features to date - and we’re thrilled to finally introduce our teams to Annie!

Annie is our brand new AI-powered personal assistant. Annie provides a wealth of tailored content for patient requests submitted through Anima, including a concise summary of what patients have written in their request, as well as some suggestions for differential diagnoses and management options. Annie can understand free text submitted by patients, so even if patients add additional comments and notes outside of Anima’s structured questionnaire, Annie will account for these, plus biopsychosocial context, in her suggestions.

How does Annie work?

Annie's reports are available both from your dashboard side panel, as well as within individual patient requests. Now when you review patient requests in Anima, you’ll be able to access two types of report - the usual report that you’ve always been using (which you’ll now see called Report 1.0), plus Annie’s report (Report 2.0). Annie will give you a concise, tailored history based on the patient’s submitted request, plus, where relevant, further ideas for differential diagnoses and potential next steps:

The patient’s raw answers are always available for viewing, and should be consulted in conjunction with both Annie’s report and Report 1.0.

While Annie is a valuable addition to the Anima platform, it’s important that users understand the potential limitations of her contributions. We’ve included Annie’s thoughts to give you another source of ‘food for thought’ when dealing with patient requests, but she isn’t a substitute for a clinical decision maker. Anima teams can help us make Annie even better by letting us know how well Annie did using the feedback function:

What's next?

We’re really excited to see how Annie will help our Anima teams go even further to deliver timely, safe care to their patients. We’ll be gathering feedback and suggestions from teams as they start using Annie’s reports so that we can make Annie even more useful in future. Reach out to the team to share your suggestions directly too!

Combined with our tools for system-wide working, automations and customisations, Annie is just the latest way that Anima supports teams to deliver the optimal care to patients at right time.

Want to see more?

We'd love to help teams get the most of Anima. If you’d like to see Annie - and the rest of the Anima platform - in action, get in touch with the team or book a call with us.

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