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Why Anima?

We built Anima because it's what we wish we had in the world. As doctors, we saw that primary care is under immense pressure - even with teletriage and remote and e-consultations - and it's getting worse.

Anima is the fastest, safest way to manage patient requests. We help clinicians manage any clinical presentation or admin request, all while safely reducing your workflow - and actually saving you time.


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Handle any medical or admin request

Manage any patient request through Anima, and manage most uncomplicated cases asynchronously.


Resolve most cases in <1 minute without any further information gathering.

Anima has bespoke questionnaires covering every medical or admin request. Patients can also choose to submit a more general questionnaire if they can't find anything that suits their request.

Feature-complete histories

Anima takes the same history a clinician would, and generates highly-structured, comprehensive reports to help you decide on next steps.


Save reports to a patient's record in coded format in just a click.

Focus your time where it matters most

Anima proactively & autonomously flags high-risk patients, so you know who needs your attention the most. 

Adopt today, risk-free

Start using Anima straightaway in your web browser or download our desktop app.

We offer practices full onboarding support and training, and take no payment details up front.

Anima is completely free for you to start using straight away, by downloading our desktop program or using our web app. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and then you're ready!


Anima full feature list


Clinical modules covering all clinical  presentations and admin requests, written by doctors & based on national clinically-validated guidelines


Concise reports covering all key negatives & trends, delivered straight to your practice's intuitive dashboard


High-resolution, bespoke modules for the most common chronic conditions


Clinical safety: all patient requests are sent to a clinician for review - no patient is ever triaged out; DCB0129 compliant


Auto-generated notes and 1-click coded save to record (for practices using TPP/SystmOne, EMIS coming soon) - easily earn QOF points


Collaborate on patient requests with colleagues across your organisation


Auto-generated patient communications: patients receive email & SMS notifications automatically when you decide on next steps


Data & security: ISO27001 and NHS DSPT compliant; penetration testing completed to CHECK standards

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